Bye bye Bungie and Destiny

Bye bye Bungie and Destiny


Today Bungie revealed the next expansion of destiny which was my favorite FPS game, I liked it a lot, I remember all those days I spent with my friends on doing raids or crucible, we totally enjoyed it.

But look, bungie, how many of us are still playing? People were tired of playing the same shit over and over. I thought I was going to get something new when I heard there would be a reveal for new expansion, but the release date turned me off immediately, 30 dollars? I am fine with it, September 20th? you gotta be kidding me.

Die hard fan tries to say good-bye here, not just because of too much waiting. Unlike subscription-based game, bungie doesn’t care if you continue to play destiny or not, as long as they can grab your money at the first place. No new content support made this wonderful game not sustainable at all.

Of course, my opinions are worthless to the most of the people, bungie doesn’t care for sure, I didn’t even get a survey email asking why you were not playing destiny for months. (Bungie was sending emails to players that haven’t played for months asking for answers)

The time has come, because the game is over.

Bye Bungie, Bye Destiny.